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Infrared Sauna

Gentle infra-red rays for your body

Lassen Sie Ihre Seele im Wellnessbereich des Hotel Alpenhof baumeln

Therapeutic sweating in an infrared sauna at a temperatures between 30° and 40° C is a great way to relieve many kinds of physical ailments.

Infrared saunas increase caloric consumption and eliminate impurities that sap the body’s strength. The body can breathe free again. Enhanced energy flow is the key to getting rid of tensions and restoring equilibrium. By improving circulation in the back, infrared saunas can deliver a therapeutic cocktail.

Infrared deep heating brings the following positive effects:

  • Strengthening and modulating the immune system
  • Stimulates the metabolism, circulation, aids bowel cleansing and the elimination of toxins
  • Helps alleviate tension and heal skin problems
  • Supports weight loss

The infrared deep-heat spa

Only infrared technology can cause the body to sweat at relatively lower, more comfortable temperatures of 30° and 40° C and acts simultaneously on the skin, muscle tissue, joints, digestion, and immune system, a method already widely applied in medicine.

Simulated sunbathing

A kind of artificial sunlight, infrared light significantly strengthens the nervous and immune systems. In this way it can help relieve winter depression and promote performance and learning ability.

Bathing in Colored Light

The utilization of the entire color spectrum found in nature has a positive effect on our mood and greatly enhances the general state of well-being and health.

Aroma Therapy Steam Room

This consists of four therapeutic aromas: “harmony”, “relaxation”, “active” and “well-being”, which have an affect on the skin and the lungs.

Bathing in Sound

Music has the power to stimulate water molecules in the body. And the body is constituted of up to 70% water! With the right music it is possible to relax body and spirit and restore energy to new energy levels.

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