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Positive Effects

Hotel Alpenhof luxoriöses Vitarium für unsere Gäste
Lassen Sie neues Wohlbefinden einkehren

Considerable heat, gently mild steam, stimulating fragrances, minerals and the trace elements of 100% pure essential oils, mood-littling showers of light and a constant background of light and a constant background of meditative, calming musical sounds will ensure that your immune system is strengthended, your respiratory passages are cleansed and the body is cleansed and detoxified in general.

The sensitive adjustment of the harmonious play of colours will have positive influences on your body. Blue has a pacifying effect and soothes nervous disorders, sleeplessness, anxiety and states of panic. Green light is supposed to alleviate pain, it pacifies, relaxes and revives. Yellow light makes people hungry and is good for the liver. Red light has a benficial influence on the heart, the lungs and the muscles.

In general a session in the Vitarium will bring peace and calmness to your body, mind and soul. After this festival for the senses, you will see the world with different eyes - you will feel reborn.

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