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Nordic Walking

Have a healthy holiday – the Alpine form of therapy

Ski champion Hermann Maier and many other international star athletes are not the only ones in the know: training in the mountains works wonders. This is because the most effective training, movement, and active exercise takes place at intermediate altitudes of between 700 and 2500 m above sea level.

Active exercise in the fresh mountain air has very stimulating effects; at high altitudes, even lower levels of activity are effective and especially rejuvenating – factors that have beneficial effects not only on the body but on the senses and the spirit.

These effects were investigated in a study of higher altitudes conducted by the University of Innsbruck (AMAS 2000). A trip to the mountains is healthy, especially if you takes maximum advantage of it. Moderate exercise such as hiking or even Nordic Alpine Walking is the key to success.

NORDIC WALKING is particularly good for you, if you ...

  • wish to improve your overall fitness level
  • are interested in losing weight (raises energy consumption)
  • like to exercise outdoors as part of your regimen
  • seek to restore balance to your body and spirit
  • want to become acquainted with your surroundings
  • wish to put less strain on your joints
  • are trying to work on back or knee problems
  • are an athlete overcoming an injury in order to continue training
  • wish to build muscle tone throughout the body

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