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A sensitive touch for the body, mind, and spirit

It has been proven that bodywork, or “massage”, alleviates the build up of stress hormones and causes the release of endorphins, the body’s natural “feel good” hormones. Physical and psychological tensions are cleared away, the head become free and energy can flow again.

These types of massage and therapies are soothing and deeply relaxing.

Classical partial body massage - 25 Min.

Price Description
€ 34,00 Here your back, legs or arms are massaged and small tensions will be released in a short time.

Relaxation massage - 25 Min.

Price Description
€ 34,00 The relaxing massage, with its gentle, slow and rhythmic stroking movements, serves exclusively for relaxation and stress relief.

Sport massage - 25 Min.

Price Description
€ 34,00 Relaxing after a sporting activity, where your legs were claimed. Also promotes muscle building.

Whole body massage - 50 Min.

Price Description
€ 66,00 Through strong brushing, kneading and friction, even larger muscle groups are suppled and well-perfused.

Aromatic oil massage - 25/50 Min.

Price Description
€ 69,00 (50 minutes) The essential oils are both, on the body as well as on the psyche. Depending on the type of fragrances, the aromatherapy massage are relaxing or stimulating.
€ 37,00 (25 minutes) -

Foot reflex massage - 25 Min.

Price Description
€ 34,00 Even 5,000 years ago, the Chinese discovered that reflex zones of different areas, including internal organs, are located on our feet and palms. Wonderful sensitively appealing massage.

Face and neck massage - 25 Min.

Price Description
€ 34,00 Feel the free the energy. Superbly relaxing energy source, especially for stressful people.

Lymphatic drainage - 25/50 Min.

Price Description
€ 66,00 (50 minutes) A ​​gentle pressure and pumping massage, which stimulates the lymph flow positively, detoxifies and purifies
€ 34,00 (25 minutes) -

On demand the masseuse is in the hotel on 2 days from 3 pm untill 8 pm (in december to march). Other days on request.

You can make appointments also in advance. Just send us an e-mail and we will inform you about availability.

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