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The Sauna offers physical and psychological relaxation, a change of mood and an increase in performance, a cleansing and inner detoxification of the heating and cooling stimuli. Your heart and blood circulation and all other body functions will improve significantly.

Find peace and relaxation for your body, mind and soul

Effects of the heating phase:

  • A rise of the body temperatures (skin + 10 degrees, core + 1 degree)
  • Incease in metabolism in the skin
  • Secretion of sweat
  • Cleansing
  • Normalization of the blood pressure
  • Improvement of the supply of blood to the skin
  • Relaxation of muscles and the psyche

Effects of the cooling phase:

  • Normalization of the body temperatures
  • Saturation of the blood with oxygen
  • Stimulation of the kidney functioning
  • Calming of the heart frequency
  • Improvment of the peripheral blood circulation
  • Psychic stimulation
  • Feeling of freshness

Total Effect:

  • Skin cleansing, skin-care and stimulation of the formation of new cells
  • Improvment of the body's defence system
  • Exercizing of the heart and the adjustment of the circulation
  • Stimulation of the hypophysis and the adrenal cortex system
  • Harmonization of the vegetative nervous system whith general wellbeing
  • Relaxing in the Vitarium in the Hotel Alpenhof
  • Genießen Sie die Stille im Ruheraum im Hotel Alpenhof
  • Großes Wellnessangebot im Hotel Alpenhof
  • Lassen Sie Ihre Seele im Wellnessbereich des Hotel Alpenhof baumeln
  • Hotel Alpenhof luxoriöses Vitarium für unsere Gäste

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